In primary insomnia, it is helpful to develop regular habits and exercise and discourage indulgence in tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol. If an underlying disease causes insomnia, this disease should be treated, and general measures to promote sleep should be adopted. The use of short-term hypnotics, such as benzodiazepines, should be avoided due to their high addictive potential. Hypnotics may be prescribed for a few days, in severe cases only. Withdrawal of hypnotics can cause insomnia that is as distressing as the original sleep disturbance. Prolonged use can lead to the development of dependence, tolerance (needing ever-increasing doses to achieve the same effect), and impaired performance during the day.

Here is a technique that you can use to enter normal physiological sleep any time without the use of drugs, using the following steps.

  • Lie down in bed. close your eyes and gradually guide your mind to visualize a chalkboard. Imagine that You have chalk in one hand and an eraser in the other. Imagine drawing a target circle on the chalkboard Then draw a big X within the circle, You will then proceed to erase the X from within the circle starting at the center of the X and erasing towards the inner edges of the circle. Be careful not to erase the circle in the test.
  • Once you erase the X From within the circle, to the right and outside of the circle writes the word “deeper.” Every time you write the word “deeper” you will enter a deeper level of healthy sleep. Write a big number 100 within the circle.
  • Proceed to erase the number 100. Be careful not to erase the circle in the least. Once the number 100 is erased to the right and outside of the circle, go over the word “Deeper”.
  • Every time you go over the word “Deeper” you will enter a deeper healthier level of normal natural healthy sleep. You will continue using numbers within the circle on a descending scale until you enter a normal natural healthy physiological sleep.

Whenever you enter sleep with the use of this strategy, you will awaken at your customary time, or you can remain asleep for as long as you desire. When you wake up, you will feel well-rested and refreshed!

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