Crystal Healing

Like everything else in the Universe, every person has their own energy. Those with higher vibrational frequency express emotions like love, empathy, joy, and gratitude. Likewise, those with lower energy levels or negative energy experience restlessness, hatred, guilt, and jealousy.

Our energy is very unstable and can be influenced by our lifestyle, exposures, and surroundings. That’s probably the reason you always get a bad vibe from a person who’s harsh and uses abusive language.

Crystals, on the other hand, have very stable energy. Why?  They are made up of organized, perfectly repeating geometric patterns. Crystals harness the power of the sun, moon, and oceans. They are powerhouses of positive energy that flow in a constant pattern. Their energy is immune to external radiation and so cannot be altered by it.

Crystal therapy is an alternative and unconventional means of treatment. This method mainly uses the semiprecious gemstones, crystals, and energy stored in them to heal the body and cleanse the aura. Crystal therapy is done to bring balance to one’s body, mind, and life. This ancient healing modality relieves pain and amplifies immunity, tranquility, peace, and mental well-being.

Crystal therapy has been used as a holistic modality for thousands of years. In modern times scientists have found that crystal therapies can be effective as palliative care by improving mood and decreasing anxiety in those with chronic pain. Gail Naughton, a biophysical chemist at the University of Leeds in England, has demonstrated that crystals can be programmed to emit light and energy therapeutically. She has also written a book to show how crystals can help with everything from headaches to asthma.

Jump To History

The use of energy stored in crystals dates to about 2000-4500 B.C. The oldest document, which originated from Ancient Sumerian (the earliest known civilization present in southern Mesopotamia or the southern Iraq of nowadays), talked about crystals. This document suggests that the crystals were an essential component of magic used by the Sumerians.

Observations about the energy being emitted from the crystals are mentioned in the writings, which age back to 400 B.C. At that time, the crystals were often used to impede any negative occurrence. For this purpose, the gemstones were worn in contact with the body in the form of talismans or amulets. Plato, the Athenian philosopher, also mentioned crystals for thoughts transmission and mind reading in his account of Atlantis.

Egypt, Rome, Greece, and India also have a history of crystal healing. In Ancient Egypt, the crystals were mined and used for the purpose of health and protection. Lapis Lazuli amulets were often buried along with the mummies, believing that this would protect them in the afterlife.

According to the Ancient Greeks, crystals have numerous healing properties. The word “Crystal” has also been derived from the Greek word “krýstallos”, meaning “ice”. Greeks considered clear quartz as ice that won’t turn back to liquid form. They also believed that the Amethyst (In Greek language, Amethyst means not drunk or intoxicated) stone prevents intoxication and can help in hangovers. Indians use crystal healing as it is written in their holy books. Native American culture also performed crystal healing, and it has been transferred on through words from the mouth as the language of the written scripts is long forgotten.

The history of the modern crystal healing practice is traced back to 1987. Carolyn Binder, a psychologist in California, published a book titled “Crystal Power”, which emphasized the power of crystals. Binder then founded The Crystal Academy, which is considered the world’s first school, teaching the science of crystal healing. The book was followed by many other books. Eventually, ​this movement brought the people together and led to the development of one of the most used methods in alternative medicine today.

Crystal Therapy Session

During a session, crystals are placed on the person’s body to formulate a connection between the person and the Earth. These crystals allow the participant’s body vibrations to flow at an optimal state called “homeostasis.” Every therapist has a specific way of proceeding. Some position crystals on the chakras, others use topographic sites of organs, and few have other constant patterns.

Few unconventional therapists surround the body with crystal instead, giving rise to an energy chamber for healing. After the therapy is over, there is a specific time frame in which the participants are encouraged to look within themselves and understand how they feel about something that has happened in their lives.

How Crystal Healing Works


  • Emotional Health

The spiritual benefits of crystal healing are abundant. The gemstones mediate higher energies and are a bridge between our energy and the divine energy. They can heal all parts of our being, spirit, mind, body, and emotions. Crystals can be used to clear away negative energies that might be impacting our feelings, health, or prosperity in any way. Working with these will help release any limiting thoughts or emotions that may be holding back from living the life one desires. Crystals also enable us to let go of the past and stop making choices that are not in our best interest. It can also help one see what they need to do next and take charge of the life.

  • Physical Health

Physical benefits of crystal healing include the Strengthening of cardiovascular activity, which reduces stress by enhancing circulation. It helps in rejuvenating the cells, reducing body fatigue, and increasing immunity. Speech disorders and low self-esteem can also be treated through this therapy.

Cases have also been reported, suggesting that crystal healing is also useful in treating bone marrow disorders. Some gemstones have a calming effect on the brain, which reduces insomnia, helps to focus, and cures headaches. Slowing down the aging process and encountering anxiety are also beneficial outcomes of crystal healing. Crystals also strengthen the physical body, make bones and muscles stronger, and ease arthritis (inflammation of joints) and myalgia (muscle pain).

  • Spiritual Health

People who have completed healing sessions often report feeling stress-free and in control of their emotions. After a crystal therapy session, one is usually more attuned with their mental and emotional state. As a result, the person will have a sense of calmness and more energy and feel at ease. In some cases, after a good session, the person may feel opaque but only for a short time period. They should not worry about it because the effect usually wears off in a short period. Other characteristics associated with crystal healing are mindfulness, self-awareness, self-acceptance, and memory. For instance, people who had therapy with Obsidian become more mindful and remember more.

All About Crystals


The crystals being used in crystal healing are mainly classified in three ways. This classification is based on their association with certain things and elements.

·       Main Seven and the Planetary Crystals

These are naturally occurring gemstones or crystals mined from the Earth and are formed as a result of certain geological processes over a long period. Clear Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst, Citrine, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire are the seven main crystals. In addition to these seven main crystals, there are the planetary crystals that have been formed from each of the respective planets, such as Sunstone from the sun, Moonstone from the moon, garnet from Mars, etc.

·       Zodiac Signs Crystals

In this classification system, the stones are classified based on their association with the twelve zodiac signs. Each group is linked with a certain sign because these crystals heal disorders prevalent in people with that sign. The crystals also have increased healing ability. For example, the gemstone people with the Cancer zodiac sign tend to close them off, and the Red Jasper gemstone can help them get out of their safe zone and give time to themselves.

·       Crystals associated with seven major chakras

The crystals can also be classified based on their association with specific chakras. For example, some stones have increasing healing ability with certain focus points present on the body and so are placed in one group. For example, the crystal of Amethyst can activate the crown chakra and bring balance to it.

Some stones, including Sodalite, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Green Calcite, and Black Tourmaline, etc., can be employed according to individual requirements depending on the condition and need.

Every crystal used in crystal therapy has its own various effects on physical and spiritual levels.

Common Crystals and Stones


·       Clear Quartz

This crystal is really powerful and can work in any condition. Quartz is the second most commonly occurring mineral and is made up of silicon and oxygen. It is termed the “Universal Crystal” because of its wide variety of uses and benefits. The clear quartz acts as an amplifier for the energy. It enhances all the energies with which it comes in contact.

It can restore, absorb, emit and regulate all the energies. It can also be associated with all the zodiac signs and all chakras of the body.

It can enhance psychic abilities, strengthen mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional planes and bring all the chakras into harmony with the body. Quartz also helps in concentration, memory and can stimulate the immune response. It is also used for deep cleansing of the soul. They are very effective in treating depression as well.

·       Selenite

This crystal mainly has cleansing and purifying properties that enhance spiritual and meditation capabilities. Selenite can eliminate negative energies from surroundings as well. It has a high vibration capacity, and so it is used for protection.

People who have insomnia and retarding sleep cycles can use selenite for more peaceful sleep. It is also perfect for preventing nightmares. Elevation of spirit, enhancement of manifestation powers, and provision of clarity are also characteristics of this translucent stone.

·       Amethyst

It is a semiprecious gemstone and is violet in color. It is mainly used for its tranquilizing properties. Amethyst can relieve strain and stress, provide balance to mood swings, decrease irritability and prevent anxiety. It is also an excellent choice against anger and fear.

Another important benefit of Amethyst is hormone production as It balances the energy flow through the endocrine system. Intoxication and induction of sobriety are its abilities because of which it was famous in Ancient Greece. Its protective abilities include guarding against spiritual attacks and psychic abilities.

·       Citrine

Its name is derived from the French word “citron”, meaning “lemon” because of its color. Citrine is also known as the “Success Stone” as it is believed that Citrine brings wealth, happiness, and success to its wearer. It also permeates the generosity to share the wealth and happiness showered by this crystal.

Citrine crystals can expel negative energy from the mind resulting in loss of stress and depression. Solar plexus and third eye chakra are associated with Citrine because of which it amplifies personal power, boosts stamina, and magnifies the inherent spiritual characteristics of the individual.

·       Emerald

“Stone of prosperity” is the name given to this gemstone due to the deep belief that this stone can bring prosperity, wisdom, creative skill, and good health. It also helps in marital life because it induces a sense of understanding and stimulates positivity in the relationship. People who have jobs tied to finance are encouraged to contact this crystal for better income and financial stability.

Emerald is also very beneficial in healing the problems related to the eyes, ears, skin, and nervous system. Speech-related treatments and respiratory tract allergies can also be cured with the energy of emeralds.

·       Ruby

This red beauty is one of the most famous stones and is mostly termed the “Stone of Passion”. It is known for its exceptional properties of boosting confidence, stimulation of the heart, and increasing energy as well as sexual desire. As every crystal has certain impurities and imperfections which bring additional benefits of its own.

Ruby is perfect for combating the problems related to the heart, menstruation, and all of the reproductive system. It is also used in cases of toxins, fever, and infection. It induces self-love, increases emotional abilities, and makes the person more sensitive. Ruby is a great manifestation stone and a bridge to join the energies of the body and Earth.

·       Sapphire

It is an amazingly calming and strengthening bone. This stone will increase concentration, focus, and memory and is extremely beneficial for people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Sapphire is believed to increase bone density, mend the bone marrow disorder and increase bone strength. It is associated with the thyroid gland and is beneficial for the tremendous growth of individuals. This crystal brings balance, happiness, boosts self-esteem, clear thoughts, increases focus, and brings good luck.


Although crystal therapy is an effective treatment method, it can be harmful if practiced without proper knowledge. Every stone has a list of precautions associated with it which usually depend on its fragility and energy levels. However, some crystals also possess detrimental energetic effects that hinder healing. Taking care of the diet and keeping oneself away from negative activities is crucial for crystal therapy because ignorant activities may harm the person undergoing this treatment. To have a peaceful and safe crystal therapy, one must consult and coordinate with an experienced crystal healer to minimize the risk of complications.


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