Many people use toothpaste that cleans their teeth wonderfully but may not be suitable for the environment. Many well-known toothpaste products have certain ingredients that cause a lot of harm to the environment. However, this problem is always secondary when it comes to your tooth health. Although your teeth feel clean and shiny, the toothpaste residue that goes down the drain and out into the environment can be anything but clean and shiny. Typically the remnants of your toothpaste drain out into pipes into different waterways. This can take these chemicals far and wide and do much damage over time.

How To Tell If It’s Environmentally Safe?

Toothpaste that is safe for the environment starts out with the casing that it is put in. There shouldn’t be any plastic ingredients in the packaging that could have harmful chemicals. Next, the actual ingredients in the toothpaste may contain many harmful chemicals that include sodium lauryl sulfate, fluoride, propylene glycol, and other environmentally damaging ingredients. Many of these harmful ingredients are simply added for coloring and sweetening that is totally artificial. One such chemical, called Triclosan, actually changes into another chemical called dioxin when it is exposed to sunlight. When this chemical drains out of your bathroom and out into the waterways, it converts into the dioxin compound which can harm animals and people. These problems can cause reproductive problems in humans, stunt the development of infants, and increase carcinogen levels in humans which could cause cancer.

Examples Of Characteristics Of Ecological Toothpaste

Some brands of toothpaste use completely plastic-free packaging and a compostable wrapper. Its box uses compostable labels.
In some cases, the cleaning itself is done by small tablets that start to chew and then use the brush. It creates a paste-like foam that cleans your teeth without any chemically toxic substances.
Other brands of toothpaste use a powder that turns into a paste when water is added. Instead of a typical toothpaste package, they use a glass jar made with organic compounds that are not harmful to the Earth. This allows the wrapper to be reused for a myriad of other purposes or recycled without increasing environmental problems.
Other folders come in a glass jar, and when using it, you can put the toothbrush in the jar itself. This action involves the toothbrush with the paste and can be used immediately to brush your teeth. The jar and paste are not only good for the environment but also reduce the actual brushing steps.


Each of these brands are made with the environment in mind and also the ethics with which they are made.

The ingredients are ethical and the sourcing is ethical as well. Not only can you feel confident that you’re not adding to the environmental problem when purchasing these various natural toothpastes, but you can also be sure that you’re not part of any infringement on labor laws, child abuse situations, or any other unethical business practices.

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