The Heart isn’t only a muscle, which receives and sends the blood through the veins to the whole body.

It connects with the Soul, an energy that we don’t see, only feel, it’s a kind of vibration different for each one of us.

They connect, in a certain way, really and deeply, but only a few Human Beings feel or know about that connection.

The Heart is ”guided” by the Soul and keeps a dialogue with the Mind, that only a few times are understood and correctly ”translated”.

Sometimes comes down a different ”message”, we call intuition, meaning a ”telegram” from the Soul, about a situation or emotional state in order to achieve a solution.

The Superior part of a physical Heart is bonded with the thymus gland under the chest, where the Soul’s energy is kept, creating an energetic channel, which connects us to the Universe through the superior chakras.

That channel turns off when we pass away because there is no need to maintain that connection with a buried or cremated body.

The balance between Heart and Soul leads to higher and lighter thoughts and emotional reactions, giving the chance to become healthier and happier.

Just My Mind
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