How to increase my energy?

Are you looking for ways to stay energized during the day? Want to boost your energy from Dawn ‘Til Dusk? Holding down a full-time job and squeezing in physical activity, do you get exhausted even after getting enough sleep? Don’t worry. It’s common. Make your schedule, adopt the best habits, and stick to them for getting longtime benefits. Just Chill! Be Happy! Here you’re going to find the best ways to get more energized throughout the day.

Let in the Sunlight as you wake up

Go for the natural sunlight as soon as you wake up in the morning. It makes you feel more fresh, awake, and energetic to start your day. Sunlight controls your circadian rhythms and jumpstarts your internal clock, make you feel fresh. The sleep-inducing hormone, Melatonin, decreases in the sunlight, overcoming your inactiveness.

Drink a glass of water in the morning

Drink a glass of warm water in the morning with fresh lemon juice and unrefined salt. It helps to cheer your soul and body, soothes your digestion, accelerates your blood circulation, balances your electrolytes, and balances your body’s pH. Sniff the scent of lemon peel makes you more fresh and energetic.

The power of water

Have you ever thought about the need for hydration on daily basis for the maintenance of your life?

Do exercise in the morning

Do not skip exercise in the morning, help you get rid of your lethargy, sluggishness, and numbness. Physical activity helps to improve your concentration, your focus and reduce stress. It provides more energy to your cells, helps to burn and circulate oxygen. It helps to oxygenate your blood cells and relaxes your mind and body. Move outside in the fresh air and sunshine for exercise: boosts your metabolism, immune system, and endorphins, elevate your mood. Choose the type of exercise you’re comfortable with, don’t do much heavy exercise, which will make you exhausted. Be calm and relax your soul, try yoga, help you find inner peace, strengthen your muscles, and stretch your spine. Cardio helps in blood pumping, improves your blood circulation in the body. Deep breathing in the fresh air, swimming, and running help to boost your energy all day long, increases the number of mitochondria in your cells.

Take a cold shower

Don’t miss your cold shower. Water is a great purifier and makes you feel fresh. It regulates your endocrine system, increases your blood circulation, boosts your immune system. Take a cold shower, stimulate your energy, while a long cold shower for three minutes, helps you get rid of chronic fatigue.

Eat Breakfast light on the carbs

Eat a protein-rich meal, keep your energy levels up for a longer time. Protein-rich foods such as nuts, yogurt, and eggs provide energy for a longer time and prevent a crash later in the morning. Protein-rich foods also boost your ability to concentrate. Avoid eating carbs-rich foods, break down rapidly in the body to provide energy but don’t keep your energy levels up for a longer time. Besides carbs-rich foods, also avoid bottled caffeine drinks, sodas, and energy drinks.

Do not miss your Snack

Eat light meals evenly spaced in the day to help keep your energy levels up and improve your mood. Foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates, best to boost your energy levels. Evenly spaced light meals make you fresh and energized throughout the day.

Eat green stuff for lunch

Always choose nutritious foods in your meals. Food is your fuel, a balanced diet keeps you healthy and energized. Eat green stuff such as alkaline foods, plant-based, and raw foods, leafy greens, spinach, collard greens, and kale. These are high in vitamins and phytonutrients. For example, vitamin K help work your brain sharply, and phytonutrients help you feel more energized.

Stay hydrated

Drink much water as you can. Water is essential for metabolism. Don’t let your body suffer from dehydration. Carry a bottle of water where you go. Even mild dehydration leads to fatigue, moodiness, and constipation. So, drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water.

Take a nap

Don’t miss a nap. It’s not just for your kids. A midday slumber helps leave you more alert, fresh, creative, improve your memory, and make you more productive. It helps you get to relax, reduce fatigue, boost your memory, lift your mood, ease stress, and improve your job performance. Don’t take a nap for a long time. Just make sure it must be under 30 minutes.

Stay Positive

Be positive. Don’t let your mind have negative thoughts Negative thinking makes you unproductive and depressive. If you are in trouble or facing a hard time, try to meditate and keep a gratitude journal. Meditation helps lose your stress, makes you happy, and is more productive. It helps you control anxiety, help fight addiction, and promote your emotional health.

Go outside with your friends

Go outside with your friends. Share your activities and enjoy their gossips. Chat and lighthearted conversations make you happy, elevate your mood, and improve your energy levels. Moreover, the gossips of your friends reveal new ideas help to enjoy your life, think in different ways, stay happy and energized.

After heavy physical and mental activity in your office, enjoy a good laugh

Enjoy a good laugh

go with your friends. It’s a kind of workout that helps stretch and contract your muscles. It helps send more oxygen to your body tissues and improves your immune system, makes you feel fresh, happy, healthy, and energetic.

Eat dinner

Don’t skip your dinner. Eat homemade dishes vegetables, beans, and lentils, etc. Don’t go outside for fast food. Stick to highly nutritious foods. Choose a healthy, nutritious meal for dinner. Don’t forget a light walk after dinner, before going to the bed.

Get adequate sleep

Go early to bed for sleep. Turn off the room light and turn on a dim light, help you sleep better. Adequate sleep makes you feel energized and more productive. Sleep helps repair your body, improves your immune system, rejuvenates your brain, and improves your mood, solves your emotional issues, and anxiety.


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