You may be struggling with daytime sleepiness. Sleepiness can make it hard to achieve your daily goals. People sometimes miss deadlines because of sleepiness. There are several adjustments people can make to their lives to avoid sleepiness. In most cases, daytime sleepiness is caused by a lack of enough sleep at night. Remove distractions from your bedroom, and it will be easy to enjoy good sleep at night. When you sleep for enough hours, you will avoid feeling sleepy during day time. Staying active is also necessary to make you stay alert during the day. Here are tricks you can apply to prevent daytime sleepiness:

1. Stand up from your desk
Sitting in one position for too long can lead to feeling sleepily during the day. Take time to wake up occasionally so that you can stay stimulated. Walking around to the bathroom, then back to your desk will improve blood flow and avoid the stress of feeling sleepy. Shake legs when on your desk, and you feel like sleep is about to overcome you. When you increase your activity, sleep will disappear.

2. Listen to music
Too much silence can lead to sleep. Switch on music, and it will stimulate your brain and make it easy to beat sleep. There are some workplaces where you may not be allowed to listen to music. Check with your employer to know whether you can apply for music. The trick works well if you are self-employed or at home, and you feel like daytime sleep is disturbing you. Ensure you invest in the perfect music to make you stay active.

3. Eat a light lunch
Sometimes you may start feeling sleepy after lunch. The type of food you eat will contribute to making you feel sleepy. For instance, overeating sugar can lead to sleep. Limit your intake of carbohydrates such as snacks, sodas, and other carbohydrates. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables to stay active even after taking lunch. Ensure you eat a balanced diet so that you can stay healthy and fit.

4. Turn on a fan
Too much heat can make you feel sleepy. If the room is hot and you start feeling sleepy, you can manage it by turning on the fan. Even if the fan was on and you started feeling sleepy, you can increase the fan speed and contribute to making your stay active. The air condition in the room should be maintained well to avoid sleep. If you are free, you can have a walk outdoors, and it will play a great role in keeping your sleepiness under control.

5. Exercise regularly
Getting involved in regular exercises will control your sleepiness during the day. Have at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, contributing to making you stay alert. Getting involved in aerobic exercises will make you sleep better at night. When you have enough night’s sleep, it will be hard to fall asleep during the day. Look for ways of improving your night sleep, and it will make it hard to fall asleep during day time.

6. Make the workspace bright
Ensure your workplace is bright by opening windows and turning on lights if possible. Exposure to UV lights will regulate your wake cycle. If you can open shades and let in the sunlight, you will achieve great results as you look for ways to keep sleep away. The trick works well for those who are in dimly lit rooms and feel sleepy. The light will make you stay active and concentrate rather than sleep.

7. Splash cold water on the face
A walk to the bathroom where you can get cold water and splash on your face can make you stay awake. If you cannot access cold water, you can step outside and let cold air hit your face. It will stimulate the nerves making you stay alert. The few minutes you will spend outdoors will play a significant role in making you stay alert to avoid the feeling of sleepiness.

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