After all, who am I? You? Him? We? I am the little sparrow and the golden eagle, I am a stream and an ocean, I am a plain and a mountain, I am animal, vegetable, mineral, I am human and of global nature. I am all that exists.

The full and the empty, a sailboat and a ship, a wanderer, eternal student, Dante, and all that is back and forward. “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. “You will not come to the Father without passing through me”, neither beginning nor end. Everything is within me and without me.

I am a desert and a garden. I am an angel cherub and the source that is all is near me. I am a mason and architect and I always protect, guide, whoever comes near. I am hidden and the unveiled, the omitted and revealed. I am truth and justice and support those who need me.

I am a fish in calm and warm waters, I am a bear and inhospitable and icy land. I am hot and cold. Abundance and scarcity and I always bless those who have done well. I am humorous and sadness and I count facts with prowess. I am a poet, artist, instructor, and I do everything with love.

I am the one for whom one waits so long and sometimes despairs. I am You, You are Me and One.

Merry Christmas!

Just My Mind
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